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Health News Stories

April 19, 2021

“Health experts are urging the public to remain calm, but be rigorous about safety measures as a new virus has begun spreading globally,” Coverage reported in our first story on the coronavirus, published in late January 2020. “The outbreak is ‘a serious public health threat,’ according to the Centers for Disease Control. There is no vaccine, and because it is a new virus, little immunity among humans.”

Today, April 19, everyone in the U.S. over the age of 16 is eligible to get vaccinated against that new virus.

Thanks to worldwide collaboration by brilliant scientists who have developed safe, highly effective vaccines, not a single fully vaccinated person has died of COVID in the months since vaccination began.

Of course, we still have a long road ahead, and there will be challenges. But this is a moment to reflect. To feel grateful for the bravery of the health care workers who battled tirelessly to save lives. To mourn the millions lost across the globe. To feel awe at the sacrifices we have made together. And, finally, to feel hope.

In the months to come, Coverage will continue to provide timely and important information about COVID-19 and other important health issues. Please reach out if there are stories you would like to see us do.

Today, we urge you to sign up to get vaccinated. Read on for information about the shots that will allow us to return to the places and people we love.

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