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Stars of the Quarter - Q1 2021

We are so excited to announce Beauport Hospitality Group's STARS of the Quarter for Q1 2021!!!

Carol Earle was awarded Star for Beauport Hotel's Front of House team. Her efforts and hard work allowed us to keep both the Boutique and Front Desk running smoothly during the winter. She has a constant positive attitude, and even went above and beyond to personally sew masks and bow ties for her teammates!

Sandro Carvalho won Star for the hotel's Heart of House. Sandro has been a rock for the kitchen team, from excelling in his own position, picking up extra shifts to help out whenever needed, and taking it upon himself to help train newer employees as well. He does it all with a warm manner and huge smile on his face!

Sebastian Coc-Ich is Seaport Grille's Star. He constantly gives 100% in any duties that are asked of him, and is extremely reliable and hard-working. His efforts allowed the kitchen operations to run smoothly and successfully - we couldn't have done it without him!

Thank you all SO much for everything you do. Beauport Hospitality Group couldn't be where it is today without the efforts of our incredible team. Make sure to congratulate these 3 Stars next time you see them!

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